Park servicies

Customer service

At the entrance of the park you can find information about the following services:

  • General information.
  • Lost and found.
  • Bus schedule.
  • First aid.
  • Reservation of taxis.
  • Extra services.

Lost and found

In case of loss of an object, please stop by the ticket office, located at the entrance of the Park, where we take the data to contact you in case of finding it.

If you lose the key, please inform as soon as possible in this store for a possible change.

Wheelchairs and people with different disabilities

Aquapark has access, toilets and dressing rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility. We also have pool lifts.

Toilets and dressing rooms

Around the park there are 4 areas of toilets suitable for people with different disabilities: entry, Spiral area, Lake area and Children area. You can find toilets in all pools of the Park, changing rooms and showers in the entrance.

First aid

We ensure your safety. We have qualified lifeguards and an infirmiry at the entrance to the Park with medical care, for any impacts. Tell the staff for prompt attention.


Lunch or snack in the middle of the day’s fun. Adults and children’s menus are available for customers to regain strength and return to the guaranteed fun of our water attractions.

Additional services

  • Photo store: we have an expert staff who will be happy to show you their pictures and that you can buy for a special price

  • Parking for pushchairs: ask in the first shop

  • Celebrating birthdays and groups: ask in the office for special rates.