Cardiac protected area

What are the cardiac protected areas?

A Cardiac protected area is that, that is provided with semiautomatic external defibrillators of easy access for the first participants, to attend a person in the first minutes after a cardiac stop, achieving the desfibrillation before they have passed the advisable maximum time since the cardiac stop has happened.

A cardiac stop can happen to any person, in any moment and in any place”.

The only way of obtaining a major survival is a suitable and precocious treatment of the victims across a correct Resuscitation Cardiopulmonar (RCP), and consequently the need for a rapid and easy access to the external defibrillators. This one public access to the desfibrilación realized by not sanitary personnel capable of trying to the victim assistance before they pass the first minutes after the cardiac stop, is fundamental to increase the probabilities of success of the revival.

What is a defibrillator and what is for?

defibrillator (DESA or DEA), it is a sanitary equipment destined to analyze the cardiac rhythm, capable of identifying the mortal arrhythmias and of administering, with intervention of a person, an electrical discharge for the purpose of restoring the cardiac rhythm (at high safety levels).

In Aquapark we have 2 DESA located in 2 different points in park.