Today there begins the big weekend of the carnivals of Teguise. Tonight, from 20:30, the most traditional  Carnival of Lanzarote will be present in the historical helmet of the Town of Teguise with a big parade in which there will not be missing the traditional “Diabletes”, the bulls of Tao-Tiagua and “Los Buches de Arrecife”.

In Costa Teguise  we are also prepared for the big celebration. Avenue “Islas Canarias”  will fill with color, music and happiness in the big Carnival Street parade, that like every year, will assemble tourists and residents who will approach to see the parade of bands, street musicians, walk-ons and chariots, with more than 40 Carnival groups from the island and will end with a big party at Nautical shopping center, where you can delight different music groups such as; “Kódigo 10”, “Ni un pelo de Tonto” and DJ Varo from 8.00pm, a party in which it will be possible to dance even high hours of the night.

The final brooch to all the activities that have been celebrated throughout the whole week in the municipality will take place on Sunday. In Teguise, at 10 a.m. a masks workshop will begin in “Plaza de los Leones”, and the activities will continue at 11 a.m. with the contest of pets  costumes “Carnaval Teguise 2017”.

To finish the activities programming, it will take place street bands through the market of the Town with the performances of groups of the traditional Carnival and the walk-on of Tahíche “Los Cumbacheros”.

In Costa Teguise, the playground of Playa Bastián will lodge other activities. From 11 a.m. there will be contests of children costumes and diverse workshops, as well as a concert with “ Dj Varo”, “Ni un pelo de tonto” and “ Fun Tone Factory.”

Don´t miss the Carnival of Teguise, see you there!!!!


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