The CACT and PhotoEspaña focus the objective on the landscapes of the island

The island will be the scenario of Photowalk Lanzarote PHE, a workshop organized by the centers of art, culture and tourism of the Cabildo of Lanzarote and coordinated by PhotoEspaña, that is held between the Thursday and the Saturday of the present week.

Prestigious photographer Miguel Angel Tornero will be responsible to provide a program that offers “an exercise that part of the attitude of the street photographer” and that “seeks to take full advantage and the poetic potential to a tool as domestic as the smartphone, the application Vine, that lets you create and publish audiovisual pieces of a maximum duration of six seconds”.

PhotoWalk Lanzarote PHE, which is held for the third consecutive year, is an experience that will take fifteen photographers to explore the island, smartphone in hand, to deepen the knowledge of photography and video.

Following a web structure designed for the occasion, each participant can manage their own works, which will be, in turn, the raw material of a great final part: an audiovisual collage, a collective, poetic, organic and interactive portrait of Lanzarote, which will be exposed online permanently.

This workshop will be located at the Monumento al Campesino.

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