Teguise presents a wide range of sporting events which will house more than 4,500 participants during 2016

Teguise bet a year for the sport as a tourist attraction and claim thousands of people around the world who attend its annual meeting with sporting events of the highest level such as the International Marathon, which hosts Costa Teguise end of the year.

Just as the world championships and European surf (Franito Pro Junior) and windsurfing (European FreeStyle Protour of Procenter Lanzarote) to be held on the beaches of Los Charcos in Costa Teguise and San Juan in Famara, and where the public can enjoy a great show on the waves in both modes.

In addition, Teguise host this year new editions of Triathlon Tri 122, an international event that serves as a prelude to the Ironman, as it represents the last test of preparation of aspirants just a month before the big test.

Other tests that complete this sporting calendar and have in common the natural scenery, along which there are: Famara Total, which began in 2015 with more than 300 participants and in August 2016 aims to double that figure and gain a foothold in the calendar national; the Mozaga Extrem (Animal Cross Team), an obstacle to the boldest.

For all cars fans two important appointments are also collected. One of them is entirely in Teguise, like the Rally Villa de Teguise / Los Valles, and another is already consolidated Rally Isla de Lanzarote.

Video Famara Total:

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