Milan trams walks Lanzarote through the streets of the city

Traditional Milan´s trams looks “new face” these days following an ambitious promotional campaign financed by the Lanzarote Tourism and the Spanish Tourist Office of the Lombard capital.

So as it explains Lanzarote Tourism, until next the 22 of May, the wagons of the streetcars of the Lunigiana-Negrelli and San Siro-Mount Velino lines of the capital of the fashion are printed with pretty and impressive images of Lanzarote under the claim: Lanzarote, the different island.

The beaches of Papagayo and Famara and the Charco de los Clicos are some of the places that are shown to this city. The streetcar is one of the most popular transports of Milan and one of the favorite by tourists for its ancient and distinctive cars. With 160 kilometers long, its network is the second most extensive one of Italy, after Turin.

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